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Hi Wrike Community, 

Originally Wrike was going to be for the Marketing Team, but after using Wrike for a couple of months we realized how desperately the whole company needs to be on Wrike. Does anybody have any presentations, tips, etc. on how to sell Wrike to the VPs? We are looking to have the VPs initial interest & purchase seats and then give each VP/department specific examples of how they could best use Wrike and onboard the team. We are hoping to onboard at a minimum of 25-50 new Wrikers! 

As everybody knows, the more people who are in Wrike the easier everything will be. 

Anything helps!!! 

Thanks 😀

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Please take a look a the video webinars that are on the following link.  They are very useful and I am sure you can find what you need there.


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@Devon Marie, I think this PDF might be useful. It outlines the benefits. You can also invite your VPs to hop on a call with your Account Manager who can help bring them through the benefits of Wrike. Let me know if you'd like to speak to your account manager about this and I can arrange a callback 👍

Great advise Ansel 👍

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We were in a very similar situation 18 months ago. Obviously it really depends on your company and the reasons you need to switch over to Wrike. From my experience with the community, the type of desperation you seem to be communicating comes from one of two places:

1. Your current systems are so rigid, the don't let creative people serve their end customers effectively... or

2. There are a lot of spreadsheets, emails, card catalogs, and carrier pigeons to get work done

In both cases, it helps to come up with guiding principals to convince people at all levels you should make the switch. Wrike is a tool, with a great community behind it. But it really represents a new way of working for most of us. Our tenets served as a guidepost to follow when were were in the valleys of change, as well as help make our argument for the initial commitment to it. 

Our Principals

1. Full Transparency - Everyone is going to know what is happening on all 10,000 projects at any time. Information will be readily available for anyone who needs it and we are going to give them the tools (Wrike Reports, Dashboards, Data Extract, BI ect) to get it. This message needs to be messaged carefully for individual contributors and users of the system who aren't used to that kind of openness. 

2. Smart People Making Smart Decision - This is a big one for us, I say it daily. We do not need a system to make every single decision for us. With the tools and flexibility, empowered users who know what the customer needs will make the right choices. 

3. We Will Constantly Innovate - The world changes so fast, we don't need to keep up, we need to lead! We moved a large company to Wrike and a new fulfillment model faster than we have done anything before... Halfway through the move, we changed everything about how we were planning to fulfill... Based on our guiding principals, we needed to adjust our path, and had the tools to do so. And in a few months, when we want to try something new, we will. 

4. Get and Stay Involved - As I said before, Wrike isn't just a tool, it is a movement. There are so many people who use and innovate with this tool, it is important to stay connected on the community. We are also involved in a local community group. The Wrike community members are amazing, but we get more answers from users than anyone!

Good luck on your transition!


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Some amazing points made here Michael. Sometimes we can become so used to using Wrike it's easier to forget how much these core values are taken for granted.

I'm also interested in your local community group - could I hear a little more about this?

@Devon & All, I wanted to share this recent blog too; The C-Suite’s Ace Up the Sleeve: How Wrike Helps Execs Hit Business Objectives.

At the end of the article, there's a cool PDF one pager summing up the benefits for exec's 👍

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We have 15 Enterprise licenses and 20 employees in the organization.  A few of our seats are used for outside users (outsourced IT), but each employee is assigned in Wrike.  For those in our customer service and production departments, their work isn't such that it's conclusive to working in Wrike; however, we still collaborate with everyone within the platform through use of the free Collaborator license type.

For example, we utilize custom workflows for different departments and for form submission.  We have a few forms, like continuing education, support requests and idea submissions. 

  • Employees with a Collaborator license type are able to submit forms where they aren't otherwise able to create new tasks.
  • They are also able to add comments to work on tasks, just not able to moderate them (delete, move, change dates, add time, etc.). 

If you have another key department you think this may work for, I'd suggest piloting with that if it creates a more compelling argument for your organization.  You may find you're able to get away with fewer seats than you think if you beef up the account subscription type or add on additional services. (Terms and conditions apply)  

I hope this helps!


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