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It would be good to have a user role that could only make Revisions on images and videos. They could see the due date for the revision and, maybe, the final date of the project.

It would be amazing to use with clients without giving them too much access for the workflow proccess.

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Have you looked the Collaborator role for this? This free license allows this person to have a series of rights which are more limited that External or Regular users.

You can then also look at the type of Selective Sharing to ensure this person you invite only sees tasks/Folders/Projects that you want them to see. And Folder Permission, where you can limit the number of actions a person can have within a certain Project or Folder.

Additionally, you might be interested in this upcoming Webinar where you can hear best practices for Mastering Collaboration and Sharing which takes place next week 14th February 👍

I'm more than happy to discuss this with you to find the best solution so feel free to post back here when you've reviewed the above options 🙂


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