Release Notes-September 28

Feature Updates

  • Audit Reports
    • You can now use Audit Reports to see which users were deleted and which were restored (after being deleted).  
  • Search Tasks by ID
    • You could always search tasks by ID number. Now, you no longer need to use search commands to do so. Just type the task's ID in Wrike's search box and press enter.
  • Add Columns to Reports
    • To make it easier to find which column to add, on Table Reports and Table Report Snapshots,  column options are now split into: 1) default options and 2) Custom Fields. Even better news? They're also organized alphabetically. 
  • Highlighted Rows on Reports
    • Now when you right-click on a row in a list of Reports, Report Snapshots, or Requests, that row turns blue so you know which row you've selected.
  • iOS App Updates
    • You can now edit a task's description from within the task view (before a new screen would appear). The task view is also loading faster and smoother.
  • New Dashboard Widget
    • Accounts with Proofing and Approvals have a new default Dashboard widget: My Pending Reviews. The widget shows tasks where you've been assigned as a reviewer and haven't given your input yet. 


  • PDF Input Fields Displays
    • Input fields on PDFs displayed as empty in the attachments viewer (even if the field was filled in). Now: The data from filled in PDF input fields is displayed.
  • "Archive All" on Inbox
    • Before: We didn't anticipate how popular some of our users are and the option to "Archive All" in Inbox could actually only archive 1,000 cards. Now: Archive all really does archive all.
  • Delayed Dependency Update
    • Before: 1) If tasks were linked by a Finish to Start dependency and 2) you changed the end date of the predecessor task in the Table View, then the start date of the successor didn't change until you refreshed the page or toggled the view. Now: The successor's start date changes immediately.
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