Release Notes-July 20

Feature Updates

  • Wrike Meetings in Labs
    • We've always said Wrike is great for running meetings and we're taking things a step further. Enable Wrike Meetings from Labs to start calls with members of your Wrike account and get work done. 
  • Wrike's Desktop App in Labs
    • All the features we know and love from the browser version, are now available in our new desktop app. Use it to stay on top of your Inbox notifications, and keep Wrike open without using up a browser tab (or tabs). 
  • Outlook Actionable Messages
  • Email Notification Split Up
    • It's a breakup, but a happy one. We've split up email notifications so that you can get notifications for @mentions OR assignments, you don't have to get both anymore if you don't want to. 
  • Search + Consolidation on the Android App 
    • We improved search so now you see suggested items as soon as you start searching. 
    • There are 2 tabs on the Browse view now instead of 3. The new Quick Access tab shows items from the old Recent and Starred tabs. 
  • Custom Fields on Audit Reports
    • Audit Reports now track changes to Custom Field settings. So if someone changed the field type, name, or who it's shared with, you'll see that. 
  • Goodbye "Later" in Daily To-Dos
    • The "Later" button in the Daily To-Do email is now called the "Postpone for 1 month" button. AKA the procrastination button. 
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