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Outlook Actionable Messages

Table 49. Availability - Legacy plans


Outlook Actionable Messages are available to all user types (including collaborators) on all account types.

Changes in Wrike trigger email notifications. Outlook Actionable Messages allows you to update a task right from the email notification you receive in Outlook.

Please contact our Support team if you want to enable Outlook Actionable Messages for everyone on your account.

Compatibility and availability

You must have an active Microsoft Office 365 subscription to use Outlook Actionable Messages.

Outlook Actionable Messages are available for:

  • The web version of Outlook

  • Outlook 2016 for Windows and Mac. For Outlook Actionable Messages to work, you need to have Office 365 update version 1703 or higher.


You can use Wrike’s email integration with Outlook Actionable Messages.





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Due date

Change a due date, or add a date to a backlogged task. Not available to collaborators.

Open task in Wrike

Opens the task in a new browser tab in Wrike.


Add or change a task’s status. Free and Pro customers always see the default statuses. Business and Enterprise customers see the statuses from the workflow the task was in when the notification was triggered.


If a task is backlogged and you add a due date, it’s created as a one-day task.