Release Notes-March 29

Video Release Notes

Feature Updates

  • Board View Release
    • The Board View is out of Labs! This new view shows tasks as cards and organizes them into columns based on their status. Drag and drop tasks between columns to change their status. And not to sound cliché, but: there's no set up required.
  • iOS App Updates
    • Create tasks. To make it easier for you to create new tasks, we moved the green create task icon to the bottom of the app.
    • Keep things updated. From the Browse View, swipe down to sync your Folder tree in iOS with the latest version from the desktop version of Wrike.
    • Folder/Project picker update. When you add a task to a Folder or Project, the Folders and Projects you've looked at most recently appear at the top of the list.
  • Request Form Builder Stability Improvement
    • In a win for all admins who create new Request forms: we've improved stability when you're rearranging questions on forms via drag and drop. 


  • Workload View Repositioning 
    • Before on the Workload View: If you rescheduled or reassigned tasks via drag and drop, clicked "Open task", or changed a task's duration, then the view scrolled up. Now: It's fixed, you can make changes and the view stays in the same spot it was before.
  • Improved PDF Zoom
    • Before: When you zoomed in or out on a .pdf file in the Proofing viewer, the file temporarily disappeared from view (until it reloaded at the appropriate zoom level). Now: Your .pdf files don't disappear from view when you zoom.
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