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Sharing Workload Charts


All uses, except for external users and collaborators, can share Workload charts created by them or shared with them, unless their access role restricts it.

By default, a new Workload chart created from the home page is private and only available to its owner. You can start collaborating by sharing it with members of your team.


Workload charts created from spaces are shared with all space members by default. But you can share it with other account users.

Share Workload charts

  1. Navigate to the Workload chart you want to share.

  2. Click the Share button in the upper-right corner of the chart. 1

  3. Start typing the name of the user or user group with whom you want to share the Workload chart in the search bar 2 and select them from the drop-down.

  4. Select the access role: 3

    • Full: All user rights are available, including editing and deleting the Workload chart.

    • Editor: User can edit the Backlog Box and share the Workload chart with other users.

    • Read Only: User can view the Workload chart but isn’t able to make changes to its settings or share the chart.


    Keep in mind that this setting controls only the user’s right to make changes to the Workload chart itself and not to the tasks displayed on the chart.

  5. Click Save. 4


Even though you can add collaborators to the list of users with whom the chart is shared, they won't have access to Workload charts due to their limited license.

User(s) you've shared the Workload chart with will see a notification in their Inbox containing a link to the chart.