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AI Suggestions for Automations

Table 13. Availability - Legacy plans


Wrike's AI suggestions can help you identify accurate automation rules for your activities by recommending ready-to-use, AI-suggested rules. The AI suggestions intelligently pick up repetitive activities in your space and offer suggested rules uniquely tailored to you and your team. By automating from the process discovery to applying suggested rules, AI suggestions help you maximize your efficiency.

You can use AI suggestions to streamline critical processes, including:

  • Status-based automation to keep key stakeholders informed.

  • Automatic work creation and assignment to ensure efficient task allocation.

  • Enhanced work organization to facilitate proper categorization and storage.

By implementing AI-suggested rules to automate repetitive tasks, you can maximize efficiency in your workspace in several ways:

  • Spend less time trying to make your work better.

  • Start using automation right away if you're not sure how.

  • Automation always tries to find new ways to make your work faster.


Wrike AI provides recommended rules for Space-level automation only. AI suggestions for automation are not available at the account level.

AI suggestions are powered by Wrike's own technology and do not rely on any third-party solutions. Your data is not utilized for the training of third-party AI models.

Using AI suggestions

To utilize AI suggestions:

  1. Navigate to the relevant space and click on Automation button at the right top corner in space setting 1.

  2. Click +Add rule 2 to apply AI suggestions.

  3. Click AI suggestions 3  from the sidebar in the window that opens up.

  4. You can choose AI recommended rules specific to your needs.


The suggestions screen might appear empty if the space has no or not enough edit activity, or if the space has a lot of data to analyze and needs time to process.