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Inbox in Wrike

Table 1. Availability - Legacy plans


Inbox is available for all user types on all Wrike accounts.

Inbox helps you keep track of important updates in Wrike. You receive Inbox notifications when:

  • You're assigned to a task or added as a project owner.

  • You're @mentioned on a task, folder, or project. This also works for @mentions within Wrike Proof.

  • A task, folder, project, calendar, report, workload chart, or dashboard is shared with you.

  • You're invited to a space or assigned to be a space admin.

  • Someone joins (or leaves) a space where you're an admin.

  • Tasks that are assigned to you are deleted or restored, or their importance is changed.

  • A project where you're the project owner is deleted or restored.

  • A task assigned to you is in a dependency chain , and its immediate predecessors are completed*. A notification is only sent if:

    • The dependency between tasks is finish-to-start, and the next task has “active” or “deferred” status.

    • You aren't @mentioned on the task within an hour of when the predecessors are completed.

  • All subtasks are completed, canceled, or deferred, but the parent task is still active, and you're assigned to it.

  • You're assigned as an approver or you're an approval creator, and the last approver makes their decision.

  • You invite guest reviewers , and they accept your invitation. Task assignees and project owners will also get a notification.

  • When some user creates a task, project, or folder from Blueprints, they can choose to notify assignees via @mention in their Inbox. In this case, if you're one of the assignees, you'll receive a notification in the format of "User started a task/new work with items assigned to you."

Some of these notifications can be disabled. Wrike sends these types of notifications once per hour, but there's a separate notification for each task.


When tasks are created in bulk (via Excel export/import or duplication), no Inbox notifications are sent to assignees.

Navigate Inbox

To open your Inbox click any notification from the Inbox widget on your Home page or click the envelope icon next to Home.

Inbox is divided into three sections: Incoming, Sent, and Archive. Each section is organized chronologically with the newest notifications at the top, and older ones listed underneath by date.

  • Incoming 1: Shows notifications that are unread and haven't been archived yet. Cards are sorted by date and remain in this section until you move them to the Archive section*. Cards with notifications from today appear at the top of the list, and you can scroll down to see notifications from previous days.

  • Filter tasks 2: Click the filters icon and select All updates or Only unread depending on what you want to see.

  • Sent 3: Shows cards with comments (including @mentions) that you left on tasks, folders, and projects.

  • Archive 4: Shows cards that have been archived.


If a card has unread notifications, a blue dot appears in the card’s upper right-hand corner.

If an active task is overdue or due today, you'll see its due date on the notification card.

A number, indicating how many unread @mentions or task assignment notifications you have, appears at the upper left corner of your workspace next to the envelope icon.


Notifications remain in your Inbox for four weeks. After that, the notification isn't visible in either the Incoming or Archive sections.