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Permalinks in Wrike

Table 1. Availability - Legacy plans


All users, including collaborators, can use permalinks.

Permalinks are unique links associated with each custom item, task, folder, project, or space. When you paste a permalink within the Wrike workspace (i.e., in a description field) and press Enter or Space on your keyboard, the link URL is automatically replaced by the respective work item's title. Clicking the permalink takes you directly to the linked item.


When you open a task via permalink only the Item View is loaded. To open a folder, project, or space where this task is located you can click the breadcrumbs above the Item view or click one of the tags.

Use permalinks

  • To add links to folders, projects, or spaces directly to the task description or comments. A folder icon appears to the left of the folder or space permalinks, which are pasted in the workspace. Project permalinks have a clipboard icon next to them.

  • Track task / project statuses. When a task / project permalink is pasted in the workspace (description field or comments), the task / project status appears next to it. These statuses update automatically when the task / project status is changed.

  • Search for items using permalinks. Paste the permalink into the search field and you'll see the needed work item or space in search results.

  • Use task permalinks to add them to folders, projects, and spaces in Table view. You can also use them to add tasks as subtasks.

  • You can send permalinks to colleagues instead of copying the whole path from the address bar of your browser. This way you can be sure that the link leads to the right item.


Users must have access to the linked task, folder, project, or space to be able to access the linked item. When you send someone a link to any item, this item isn't shared with that user automatically.