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Joining Spaces

Table 9. Availability - Legacy plans


All account users, except for external users and collaborators, can join a public space directly. External users and collaborators can join through an invitation by the space admin.

Unlike Private and Locked spaces, Public ones are open for users to join them if needed. If you want a public space to always be shown in the Spaces section of the Home page, you can join it.

If you want to join a Private or Locked space, you need to ask the space admin to send you an invitation.


Space admins receive Inbox notifications when users join the space.

Join a public space

  1. Click the caret icon 1 in the current space on the sidebar.

  2. Click on Browse other spaces 2 in the drop-down menu.

  3. Search for a space by typing in the search box 3 and click on the space to join from the list 4.

  4. Click on the Join space 5 at the top-left corner.

You’re now a member of the space and your profile picture appears in the list of space members. The space appears on your sidebar.


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