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Legacy Professional



This is a legacy plan and it was available to users signed up before 7/1/2021. Learn more about our Team plan here, or about all the available plans here.

Wrike's Professional accounts are for teams that want (or need) increased functionality. On Professional accounts, you gain the ability to break up work into smaller action items, more workspace views, and access to additional tools, add-ins, and integrations which help you get your work done.


To find out which type of plan your account is, go to your account settings and select Account info. Your plan type is listed there along with other relevant information. External users and collaborators cannot access this information and shall ask their account admin.


In addition to the features available to users on Free accounts, users on Professional accounts have access to:

Gantt Chart

The Gantt Chart is a favorite feature of many Wrike users. Use the Gantt Chart to help you easily visualize your project, reschedule tasks (if necessary), and keep an eye on scheduled milestones. You can even go a step further and use dependencies to schedule tasks in relation to other tasks.


Dashboards are a customizable and dynamic view which allows you to monitor the data that is most important to you. You can build custom dashboard widgets to display tasks and projects which meet specific criteria. For example, set up a custom widget to keep track of all milestones due this week or of all new tasks created today.


Use subtasks to break up larger goals into smaller action items. You can also use subtasks to monitor how a task is progressing: create and assign subtasks to different individuals and then track the parent task's progress based on the subtasks' statuses.

Advanced Mass Actions for Tasks

Mass actions help you save time by allowing you to make changes to several tasks at the same time. In addition to the mass actions available on Free accounts, users with Professional accounts can: reschedule, reassign, share tasks, and use advanced filters.


Use filters to simplify your view and see just the information you need to see. Basic filters in the activity stream let you customize what type of updates you see, while advanced filters let you see tasks that match the criteria you select. Filter tasks by status, task author, creation date, due date, and more.

Additional Integrations

Use Wrike in conjunction with other platforms and take advantage of Wrike's integrations. Users on Professional accounts are able to: import MS Project files, import and export XLS files.