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Specifying Task Effort


All users, except for collaborators, can view and specify task effort unless it's restricted by their access role.


Effort is displayed in hours and minutes; however, you can enter time in days (e.g., “8d”) and it’ll be automatically converted into hours.

Enter task effort from:


Effort is also visible on Reports. You can open Task view from Reports and edit effort from there.

Specify effort from the Task view

  1. Open Task view.

  2. Click the date section 1 at the top of Task view.

  3. Click the Effort toggle 2 in the lower-right corner of the date picker.

  4. Change the effort type 3 if necessary.

  5. Enter how much time the task should take in the Effort field. 4 If there are multiple assignees and you selected the Flexible effort type, you can specify the exact amount of effort for each assignee in the fields next to the assignees' names. 5

  6. Click Save. 6

Specify effort from the Table view and Gantt Chart

  1. Open the Table view 1 or Gantt Chart.

  2. If you don’t see the Effort column, click the gear icon 2 and check the box next to its title under the Schedule section.

  3. Double-click the Effort cell 3 in the row of the task that you want to change.

  4. Enter how much time the task should take.

Add effort to recurrent tasks

  1. Open Task view.

  2. Click the three-dot menu in the upper right-hand corner of the task. 1

  3. From the pop-up menu, select Make Recurrent 2 (or Edit Recurrence if you want to add effort to a task with an existing recurrence).

  4. Click the date picker. 3

  5. Enable Effort by clicking the toggle at the lower-right corner of the date picker. 4

  6. Change the effort type, if necessary. 5

  7. Enter how much time the task should take, in the Effort field. 6

  8. Change other recurrence settings if necessary and click Save. 7

The effort you specified in the recurrence settings is applied to all tasks in the recurrence. You can also set and edit effort individually for each recurrent task from the Task view.


  • When you clear the Effort cell, it disables the effort on a task. To avoid this, set the effort to 0 instead of deleting it.

  • Enter a value in the empty Effort cell to enable the Basic effort type for a task. You can change the effort type from the Task view if necessary.

  • If Flexible effort type is enabled, two values are displayed in the Effort field separated by a /: the number of allocated hours and the total effort.