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Viewing Gantt Chart Snapshots

Table 55. Availability - Legacy plans


You can view Gantt chart snapshots at anytime.

View Gantt chart snapshots

  1. Navigate to the selected folder, project, or space and switch to Gantt Chart 1.

  2. Click Public snapshots 2 on the toolbar.

  3. You’ll see a list with the titles of snapshots made for the selected folder, project, or space. If no snapshots had been created, then you'll only see the option to create a new snapshot.

  4. Click on the snapshot 3 with which you want to compare your current project's schedule.

Original task dates are represented:

  • On the timeline as narrow, dark gray bars 4.

  • On the table as Baseline Start and Baseline Due columns 5.



Note that you have to make the Baseline Start and Baseline Due columns visible first. To do so, click the gear icon 1 in the table portion of the Gantt chart and check boxes 2 next to Baseline Start and Baseline Due.


Open snapshots in separate tabs

To open the snapshot in a separate tab:

  1. Hover over the snapshot you want to open in a separate tab.

  2. Click the three-dot menu button 1.

  3. Select the Open in new tab option 2.



It’s important to enable the Share with public link option so that you can open the snapshot in a new tab and share it with others.