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Specifying Company’s Non-Working Days

Table 9. Availability - Legacy plans


Account admins can specify non-working days for the entire account. For admins on Enterprise accounts, this right may be revoked.

You can create account-wide calendar exceptions that denote public holidays or your company-specific non-working days. These exceptions become visible in all users' personal work schedules and in tasks' and projects' date pickers.

It is not possible to designate half days as non-working within Wrike.


It's also possible to add additional working days for all users in the account using this manual.

How to specify company-wide calendar exceptions

  1. Click your profile image in the workspace's upper-right corner.

  2. Select Settings from the dropdown.

  3. Click Work Schedules in the left panel 1.

  4. Scroll down to the calendar and select a range of dates. Or double-click on a date to create a single-day exception 2.

  5. Select a calendar exception type: Additional workdays, Public holidays, or Other non-working 3.