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Color-Coding Custom Fields

Table 37. Availability - Legacy plans


When you create custom fields with formulas that automatically calculate data from other custom and system fields in your account, you can color-code the calculation results. 

Color-coding allows you to add green, amber, and red markers to the result of the calculation. The markers appear on Table view in the calculated field’s column next to the result. This way, you can quickly view which of your projects require immediate attention.

Color-coding can be used with the following custom fields:

  • Number

  • Currency

  • Percentage

  • Date

  • Duration

  • Formula

Single and multi-select custom fields could be color-coded simply by choosing colors for options in the settings.

Color-code formula results

Formula example: [Expenses]/[Estimated Budget]="Percentage"

Let’s say we need to see which of our projects are outside of the budget limit and by what percentage. We divide the actual [Expenses] by [Estimated Budget] and change the resulting type of data from Number to Percentage.

To color-code the calculation results:

  1. While creating or editing the formula custom field, check the box 1 next to Show conditional marker.



    The checkbox will be labeled Add conditional coloring if the result of the calculation is set as Percentage and the Show progress bar box is checked.

  2. In the opened window, click + Add another rule 2.

  3. Select a condition from the drop-down 3 list.

  4. Enter the value 4.

  5. Select a color 5 for the marker that will be shown if the condition you set in the previous step is true.

  6. Repeat Steps 2 to 4 to set up as many markers as you need.

  7. Click Create if you’re creating the calculated custom field or Save if you’re editing it.

After you complete the steps, the colored markers will immediately appear next to each calculation result in the column of the custom field.