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Creating Additional Wrike Accounts

Table 39. Availability - Legacy plans


Any user type on any account can create multiple accounts, except for members of accounts with a SAML SSO integration. They won't be able to create an additional new account with the same login credentials due to the limitations of SAML SSO.

Create multiple Wrike accounts for collaborating with different groups or set up separate accounts for professional and personal use. You can:

  • Link multiple accounts to one set of login credentials.

  • Switch between accounts in your workspace.

  • Keep different accounts open simultaneously in separate browser tabs.

Because you can have several Wrike accounts, your license type and subscription level for each account are independent. For example, in one account you may be a collaborator on a Professional account while in your other account you could be a regular user on an Enterprise account.


A red dot appears next to your profile image (in the workspace's upper right-hand corner) when you have unread Inbox notifications from other accounts. Click your profile image to see which account has unread notifications or hover over Switch to another account to see the list of all your account.

Privacy and security

To ensure privacy and autonomy, each account has its own settings and list of contacts (members) with whom you can share tasks, folders, and projects. People in one account aren't able to see users in your other accounts, or even see that you have multiple accounts.


When you switch between accounts you will be asked to log in to each of these accounts separately.

As you switch from one account to another your access to items (tasks, folders, projects, and spaces) and features automatically changes to match the account you're currently working in. For example, in your Enterprise Pinnacle account, you'll only see items related to this account and you'll have access to Enterprise Pinnacle features. When you switch to your Professional account you'll see items related to that account and you'll have access to Professional features.

If your account is on the U.S. Data Center, you can't join an account that's on the European Data Center with the same login credentials and vise versa. By default, all accounts are placed on our U.S. Data Center. However, account owners can request migration to the E.U. Data Center by contacting Wrike support.

Create an additional account

  1. Click your profile picture in the top right-hand corner of your Wrike workspace.

  2. Select Settings from the drop-down.

  3. Select Account Info 1 in the left-hand panel.

  4. Scroll down to Personal Free Account 2.

  5. Click Create free account 3.

Now you can invite team members to collaborate with you and begin adding tasks, creating projects, and getting work done.

When you create a new account from Wrike, by default it's created as Free, but you can upgrade your account to any other plan at any time and/or add a new account if needed.


Each paid account has its own plan and payment due dates. Please note, if you're the account owner for multiple accounts payments for different accounts are processed individually and can't be combined.

Set up a default account

When you have multiple Wrike accounts you have to select a default account, to which you log in automatically when logging into Wrike. By default, an account, where you were added as a member first is considered your default account. To change that:

  1. Switch to the account you want to select as default.

  2. Click on your profile picture in the upper right-hand corner of the workspace and select Settings.

  3. Switch to the Account info tab.

  4. Scroll down to the Default account section.

  5. Click Save as default.

Your settings are saved. Next time you log in to your Wrike account you will be automatically logged in to your selected default account.