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Customizing Timesheets


All users, except for collaborators, can customize their own timesheets.

You can change which tasks are visible on your timesheet and how they're displayed.


Customization is only possible on your own timesheets. When you're viewing other users' timesheets, they're displayed in read-only mode.

Prefill settings

It’s possible to change which tasks appear in your timesheet. You can choose from the following two options:

  • Active tasks. If this option is selected, all active tasks assigned to you and scheduled for the current week appear in your timesheet automatically.

  • No prefill. If this is the preferred choice, you can add tasks to your timesheet manually; no tasks are added to the timesheet automatically.

To set the preferred prefill settings:

  1. Click the Active tasks drop-down on the timesheet settings bar. 1

  2. Select your preferred option.

Add a task to a timesheet

To add an existing task shared with you to a timesheet:

  1. Click Add task 1 at the bottom of the table.

  2. Select one of the tasks from the list that appears or start typing the title of the task you want to add and select it once it appears.


You can't add a task that you don't have permission to add time entries to due to your access role.

It’s not possible to create tasks from within Timesheets.

Pin tasks to Timesheets

You can pin a task to Timesheets to keep it on the view regardless of the task’s dates or the timesheet’s prefill settings. The pinned task is automatically carried over to the following week until you unpin it.

To pin or unpin tasks:

  1. Find the relevant task on the view or add it manually.

  2. Click the cell in the Pin column 1 next to the task’s title. The cell should become highlighted in blue.

  3. Click the cell again to pin or unpin the task.

When you unpin the task, the task stays on the view of the current week and all weeks where it fits the prefill settings. The task also stays on the view of the weeks during which you added time entries to the task. In all other cases, the unpinned task no longer appears on Timesheets.

Remove a row from a timesheet

If a row doesn’t contain any data (i.e., no time was tracked for the task against this particular category), you can remove it from a timesheet:

  1. Right-click anywhere in the relevant row.

  2. Select Remove row. 1

Add a Time Tracking category

To show an additional Time Tracking category for a task that already appears on the timesheet:

  1. Right-click a row with the task for which you want to add a category.

  2. Hover over Add category. 1

  3. Choose the category from the menu. 2


The Add category button and the Category column in Timesheets won't be visible if time tracking categories are disabled in your account. You can enable them in Account Settings.

Sort tasks on Timesheets

By default, tasks on Timesheets are sorted alphanumerically by title. You can manually sort tasks in ascending or descending order based on data in any of the timesheet columns. To do so, click a column title. To reverse the order, click the title again.