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Calculating Subitems in Table View

Table 19. Availability - Legacy plans


Automatic calculations (Roll-up) is available for Business and higher accounts.Regular users can turn-on or turn-off the automatic calculations for tasks and projects unless their access role restricts it.

Roll-up data that automatically aggregates and calculates specific data from subitems up to their parent tasks or projects.

When you turn on Automatic calculations (Roll-up) for the fields:

  • Wrike aggregates all values from the child projects, folders, tasks and  subtasks. It automatically calculates their sum or average and enters the result in the project or folder's custom field.

  • Wrike calculates the rolled-up value for the project/task as a sum or average according to the default aggregation set in the field’s properties.

  • If you or other users manually entered a value for this field in the project/task previously, it will be cleared and replaced with the rolled-up value.

  • The project/tasks’s field will not be editable until you turn off calculations.


You can roll up data only for Number, Percent, Currency, Formula and Duration types of custom fields.

Enabling Automatic Calculations (Roll-up)

From Table view, you can turn this feature on for multiple projects or tasks at the same time:

  1. Navigate to the selected folder, project, or space that contains all the projects and tasks and switch to Table view 1.

  2. Click on the three-dot menu button 2 on the column title with the name of the field you’d like to roll-up.

  3. In the menu that appears, hover over Calculate subitems 3.

  4. Select the type 4, Turn on calculations for:

    • Tasks and projects

    • Tasks only

    • Projects only

After completing these steps, the values will be automatically rolled-up.


To turn-off the calculations, repeat the step 2-3 and select Turn off calculations 5.

Alternative way to turn on the calculations is by:

  1. Choosing the project/ task where you would like to turn on calculations.

  2. Hovering over the project or task column field data and clicking the icon to turn on the calculations.


To turn off, click on the X icon in the task/project column field data.


Automatic calculations are available for Project dates, Time spent, Effort and Booked effort columns.


How can I roll up the project dates in the New Table View?

You can enable the date roll-up via the 3-dot menu 1 of the field: click Calculate subitems 2 and select to calculate it for projects and/or tasks from the list 3.



To see Projects in your table view, tick to enable the Parent row option in the 3-dots action menu.