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Aggregating Data in Table View

Table 21. Availability - Legacy plans



This page describes the Table view which is available to all users (including collaborators) on accounts created before March 8, 2023. On accounts created after that date, New Table view is available instead.

Aggregating data allows you to automatically run calculations for fields (including custom fields) with numeric values (all text entries are excluded). There are two types of aggregation:

  • Sum — Wrike automatically sums up all numeric entries and displays the total.

  • Average — all entered values are added together and then divided by the total number of entries.

Use aggregation

  1. Navigate to the selected folder, project, or space and switch to Table view.

  2. Find the field with the data you'd like to aggregate and click the caret icon that appears to the right of the field’s name. 1

  3. Hover over Aggregation. 2

  4. Select the type of aggregation you want to apply. 3



You can also aggregate dates from Table view. Two types are available: minimum and maximum. Minimum will show you the earliest task date in the folder, project, or space. Maximum will show you the latest task date.