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Video Proofing

Table 149. Availability - Legacy plans


Use video Proofing to add comments at specific times and locations on a video.

How it works

Video Proofing works like image/doc/weblinks Proofing:

  1. Attach a video to a task, folder, or project. Click the Attach files 1 icon above the description field and upload a video from your computer or from YouTube 2. For YouTube videos, you'll just need a video URL. 3

  2. Click the attachment and begin playing the video.

  3. Click anywhere on the video to add a comment. 4


To comment on specific points on the video:

  • Advance frame by frame: Use the arrow buttons under the video to move forward or backward by a single frame. 5

  • Jump to a specific point: Click the current time field, enter the time you want to jump to, and press Enter.


Some videos can't be played outside of YouTube. To view such a video, open it in Proofing, right-click the video, and select what you want to do: either open it in a new tab or copy the link to the video.


Use the left and right arrow buttons on your keyboard to move forward or backward by five seconds. Press Shift + arrow to move by 10 seconds.