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Replying and Reacting to Comments

Table 19. Availability - Legacy plans


All users can leave reactions to comments. All users can reply to comments unless their access role restricts it.

You can quickly reply to comments of other users without the need to manually @mention them. You can also leave an emoji reaction on comments to let people know you've read it or express your feelings about it.

Reply to comments

  1. Navigate to the relevant task, folder, or project.

  2. Open Task view or the Folder or Project Info panels.

  3. Hover over the comment you want to reply to.

  4. Click the reply icon that appears in the upper-right corner of the comment. 1

  5. A comment is started with an @mention for the person who wrote the original comment. 2

  6. Type your message after the @mention.

  7. Click Send or use your preferred keyboard shortcut to post your comment. 3

Leave emoji reactions to comments

  1. Hover over the comment you'd like to add a reaction to.

  2. Click the add reaction icon that appears in the upper-right corner of the comment. 1

  3. Select the emoji you'd like to react with.

Your reaction immediately appears under the comment. Click the reaction to remove it. Note that you can only remove your reactions.


Replies and reactions for comments are also available in the Stream.


Why do I not see the reply icon?

Your access role in the current location might not allow leaving comments, so the Reply button doesn't appear. You can ask the owner of the task, folder, or project to update your access role.

Also, the reply icon doesn't appear on updates related to project/folder/task changes, e.g., when someone changes the status or updates the description. It's also not possible to reply to updates made by Wrike Bot.

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