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Editing Subtasks

Table 59. Availability - Legacy plans


You can edit subtasks in the same way you edit regular tasks. When you open a subtask you can add assignees, share the subtask, set start and due dates, and more. You can even give a subtask its own subtasks. You can also quickly edit subtasks from Item view.

Edit subtasks from Item view

  1. Navigate to the relevant folder, project, or space and switch to Table view.

  2. Click the parent task where your subtask lives to open the Item view panel.

  3. Click the subitem field to expand the task's subtask list (the subtask list may already be expanded when you open the task).

  4. From the subtask list:

    1. Right-click a subtask. You'll see a menu with a list of options to

      • Add to My to-do section 1.

      • Assign, reassign, or unassign the subtask 2.

      • Change the status 3.

      • Change the importance 4.

      • Convert to milestone 5.

      • Copy the permalink of the subtask 6.

      • Duplicate 7.

      • Rename the subtask 8.

      • Open in a separate tab 9.

      • Detach 10.

      • Delete the subtask 11.

    2. Click the checkbox 12 next to the subtask's name to mark it as completed.

    3. Click an assignee's 13 avatar (or the default assignee icon) and select an assignee from the drop-down.

    4. Hover over a subtask. A calendar 14 icon appears on the right side of the subtask's row. Click the icon to schedule or reschedule the subtask.



You can also edit the subtasks using Table view and Board view.