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Assigning a Task

Table 7. Availability - Legacy plans


All users (except collaborators) on all account types can assign tasks. You can assign tasks to teammates when creating a task and any time later on.

Assign a task

You can assign tasks to any member of your team from Item view:

  1. Navigate to a folder, project, or space where the task is located and select it from the list. If you're creating a task, the task will open as an overlay in the Item view.

  2. Click the Assignee button at the task panel.

  3. Select a person to assign a task to from the list. If you don’t see the right person, start typing their name in the search bar and select them from the search results.

  4. You can add multiple names for additional assignees.

All task assignees will receive a notification to their Inbox. Also, the task is shared with assignees automatically.


External users can only assign tasks to people with whom these tasks are shared already or to themselves.

Assign tasks from Table view

It's possible to add or change assignees from Table view. You can do it one by one or assign a bulk of tasks to the same users using mass actions.

  1. Navigate to a folder, project, or space where the task is located.

  2. Switch to Table view 1.

  3. Make sure that you see the Assignee column 2.

  4. Double-click the cell in the Assignee column next to the task’s title and select assignees for the task.

  5. When you're done click anywhere outside the field.

To mass assign tasks:

  1. Select a cell with the person you want to assign tasks to.

  2. Drag the green circle in the right corner of the cell down the column.

Click here for more information about how mass editing works in Table view.

Unassign tasks

To unassign a task from the individual users:

  1. Open the task in the Item view.

  2. Hover over the assignee avatar on the task panel.

  3. Click X.


Can I assign tasks from other views?

Yes, it’s possible to assign tasks from the table portion of Gantt Chart. It works the same in Table view but without the mass edit option.

Where else can I assign tasks?

You can assign tasks from Workload Chart if your account has the Wrike Resource add-on. Also, you can assign tasks using Dashboard widgets.

Is it possible to show only specific users in the assignee picker?

If a user can share items internally and externally, then he/she can see and select all account users in the assignee picker, not only space members.


Users in the Enterprise Pinnacle subscription accounts can use Locked spaces for assigning to Space members only.

Is it possible to assign a task to a User Group or multiple users at once?

It is not possible to assign an item to a user group. At the same time, there is no limit on the number of assignees that you can add. As a workaround for mass-assigning users, features like Request form mapping, duplication of pre-built blueprints, and Automation engine can be used.