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Tasks in Table View

Table 11. Availability - Legacy plans


From Table view you can:

Change task status

To choose a status from the current workflow:

Alternatively right-click a task and select Change Status.

  1. Double-click the Status column in the task's row (you may need to enable it first).

  2. Select a different status from the list.

To choose a status from a different workflow (custom workflows are available on Business and Enterprise accounts):

  1. Right-click a task's row.

  2. Select Mark as. 1

  3. Hover over Change Workflow. 2

  4. Hover over a workflow that you want to choose a status from. 3

  5. Click the appropriate status.


Delete a task

  1. Right-click a task's row.

  2. Click Delete. 1

The selected task is moved to the Recycle bin.


You can undo this action by clicking the Undo icon on the panel above the table.

Copy task permalink

  1. Right-click a task's row.

  2. Select Copy Permalink. 2

The task's permalink is copied to your clipboard.