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Wrike Integrate Lite


Wrike Integrate Lite is a curated (limited feature) version of Wrike Integrate. With Wrike Integrate Lite you can get to value quickly by starting to use the integration platform immediately with the help of our dedicated Onboarding Assistance program.

The main differences between Wrike Integrate and Wrike Integrate Lite are the following:

Wrike Integrate

Wrike Integrate Lite


Access to the full range of 400+ connectors

Access to only the chosen connector package

*Click here to know more about connector packages

Onboarding Assistance

Self-service or Paid service

Free Onboarding Assistance (up to 2 hrs)

*Click here to know more about our Onboarding Assistance service


Full price

Adjusted Price

*Please contact our sales team to know more about the adjusted price

What do you get with Wrike Integrate Lite:

  • Access to Wrike Integrate Lite platform

  • Wrike published recipe templates

  • Instructional videos to help build standard automation use cases using these recipe templates

  • Onboarding assistance (up to 2 hours)


Wrike Integrate Lite is available for purchase only to clients who don't have the Wrike Integrate package enabled already.

How it works

Wrike Integrate Lite offers a list of Connector Packages, out of which you can choose only one at the time of buying the platform licenses. Once the Connector Package is chosen, the connectors included in that package will be available for you in the platform to be used in recipes.

The following Connector Packages are currently available:

Connector Package Name

Connectors Included


Salesforce, HubSpot


Along with the chosen package, the Wrike connector will also be made available by default. More Connector Packages may be available in the future. Please contact our sales team to know more.

Once you have access to Wrike Integrate Lite, a Wrike Professional Services Consultant will be assigned to you to provide Onboarding Assistance (up to 2 hours). You must request this assistance as soon as possible, and no later than 14 days after purchase. The consultant will provide advisory and guidance on how to quickly build automations with the help of Wrike published recipe templates and videos. More information on Onboarding Assistance can be found here.