Release Notes-June 7

Feature Updates

  • Reports - Facelift, Aggregation, and More
    • Reports not only look nicer (larger font, better color-coding), but aggregation values now also show up on Reports, we improved sorting of and within Groupings, wrap text works with more fields, and auto-saving for formatting options. Read more details here
  • Filter Inbox 
    • In Wrike's Inbox, you can now choose to see all your notifications or just the unread ones. 
  • Images on the Board View
    • Images now show up on the Board View. What does that mean? The most recent image you've attached to a task appears on the VIew. For our word-friendly friends, you can hide images if you'd rather not see them. 
  • Proofing Marker Color Enhancements
    • Proofing markers aren't just pink anymore - there are 6 color options so it's easier to see who made which comment. Go ahead, taste the rainbow. 
  • Dynamic Request Forms on Android
  • Request Form Editing Options
    • You add a dropdown or checkmark question to a form, then realize the answer options should be in a different order. We've all been there (all right, only some of us). Well, now you can drag and drop answers into the right order without starting all over again. 
  • Recent Tasks and User Search (in Labs)
    • The latest Wrike Labs feature lets you see your most recently used tasks and even search for other people in your Wrike account. 
  • Security Improvements: See something, Say Something
    • Noticed a Security vulnerability in Wrike? Report if from our Security page.  

Stephanie Westbrook Community Team at Wrike Wrike Product Manager Erfahren Sie mehr über Wrikes leistungsstarke Funktionen und lernen Sie Anwendungsbeispiele kennen

Stephanie Westbrook Wrike Team member Erfahren Sie mehr über Wrikes leistungsstarke Funktionen und lernen Sie Anwendungsbeispiele kennen

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