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Wrike Session-Wrike Basics

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  • Spot On! 👍 Innovative Approach 💡 Stellar Advice 💪
    Kamini Patel

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    Hi - Below are the Questions & Answers from the Wrike Basics sessions today. Feel free to ask additional questions and we will get them answered.

    Q: How do I know when emails are being sent out?

    A: Wrike triggers emails automatically to another team member, however this user must have his email notifications enabled from the Profile Settings. Your Wrike Inbox also gets notifications related to new assignments, new items that are shared, new @mentions and more. Please, visit this page to learn more about email notifications and about Wrike Inbox


    Q: What is the subscription function for a task?

    A: We refer to this as following a task. It allows you to follow any changes done to a task that you are not assigned to, but would like to get updates about. It can be also applied to any Folder or Project that you have access to. Please read this page to learn more


    Q: How can I export data?

    A: You can export to either an Excel file. Our Help Center has step by step instructions on how to export data If you have any specific questions ask in the comments below and we will help.


    Q: How do I divide my team members into departments within Wrike.

    A: You can easily achieve that by creating User Group per each team you have in your organization. To learn more, here is an article


    Q: When I assign tasks how can I verify that assignees are getting my Wrike emails?

    A: By default, they will receive all of the notifications available in their Profile Settings. So, unless they have manually disabled a certain type of email they should receive an email whenever there is a trigger action. Learn more about email notifications here: Email notifications can be turned on or off but they will always get an Inbox notification when they are assigned or @mentioned.


    Q: Are the onboarding webinars in person? Are they a more detailed version of this presentation?

    A: The Onboarding webinar is offered "Live" or "On Demand". The Live session is a more advanced session that is highly recommended after this Wrike Basics session.


    Q: How can a task be created from an email?

    A: If you want to create a task via email, you can use Wrike's Email Integration functionality. It allows you to easily send or forward an email to Wrike and it will be created as a task in the specified Folder. Here is a detailed guide with each step described


    Q: Can I add clients into my Wrike account to allow them monitoring the Project progress?

    A: Wrike allows you to collaborate with anyone outside of your organization. Simply invite them as Collaborators to your account, that doesn't require a paid seat and they will be able to see anything you have given them access to. However, they can change a task's status, leave comments and attach files. Please, learn more here or attend our Ask the Expert session "Mastering Collaboration and Sharing in Wrike"


    Q: Can you show how to setup Custom Workflows?

    A: Setting up Custom Workflows is available to admins of Business and Enterprise accounts. To learn all about them, please visit this page:


    Q: Is it possible to sync Wrike with external questionnaires such as Typeform?

    A: You can sync Wrike and Typeform using a third-party tool called Zapier, see here: You can also check if Zapier offers other integrations.


    Q: How do you set requests?

    A: Admins in your Wrike account can create request forms. Check out this guide to learn more


    Kamini Patel Community Team at Wrike 💡Conosci le straordinarie funzionalità di Wrike e le best practices

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  • Spot On! 👍 Innovative Approach 💡 Stellar Advice 💪
    Stephanie Westbrook

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    Hi everyone, if you didn't get a chance to join the session you can check out the recording. The link's in the first message in this thread and, as always, let us know if you have any questions.

    Stephanie Westbrook Community Team at Wrike 💡Conosci le straordinarie funzionalità di Wrike e le best practices

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  • Spot On! 👍 Innovative Approach 💡 Stellar Advice 💪
    Cesar Chavez

    Has the wrike basic doc/pdf been updated?

    Just want to make sure I have the latest and great to share with new team members.




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  • Spot On! 👍 Innovative Approach 💡 Stellar Advice 💪

    Hey Cesar Chavez 🙂 This PDF's not updated at the moment, but it will be in the coming months - this is due to upcoming enhancements, so please stay tuned 👐

    I wonder whether Wrike Discover courses could help you onboard your new team members? It is our interactive courses that include videos and hands-on activities. Please check them out and let me know if you have any questions!

    Lisa Community Team at Wrike 🌎Discover... Wrike Discover and become a Wrike expert. Click here to get started

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