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Is there a way or do you have a suggestion for the following: 

A Wrike user asks a question to another Wrike user in Wrike using the @ symbol in a Wrike thread. Obviously, the recipient of the @ symbol tag gets a notification in their Wrike In Box. Is there a way for the sender on their end to mark that ask in the Wrike thread so that a notification appears in their Wrike In Box at the top? 

I tried to tag myself in Wrike,  but it does not appear you can do that?

Thanks John Brewer


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Hi John,
well, even If you'd use a group for tagging where you are a member, you won't get a notification in your inbox.
The inbox isn't meant to be used as a todo list at all! Why should you be notified that you've just sent a message, you should know already!
If you want to step back to that task from where you sent a message, you could use the "Sent" section of your inbox. There you'll find your latest outgoing messages.
Please be aware that all messages (Incoming, Sent and Archive) are deleted automatically after 30 days!
Basics are described here: https://help.wrike.com/hc/en-us/articles/210323705-Inbox-in-Wrike

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

I don't think you can prioritize your inbox. Like Florian said, it is not meant to be used as a to do list. Though when I need to remember to go back and answer an @mention, I just mark it as unread again, and that makes it more noticeable. Otherwise you could make it a task for yourself in your personal folder to remind yourself to complete it.


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