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I am new to Wrike and have about a million questions but will start with this one.

I am experimenting with setting up a project that contains tasks and subtasks. I noticed with the Stream view at the project level, you are able to see everything that has been commented or uploaded on any of the tasks or subtasks. But if someone was to comment or upload something at the project level, that Stream view doesn't seem to encompass it.

Is there something I missing? I would ideally like a view that shows everything posted to a project (so on the project itself and on any of it's tasks and subtasks) all in one place so nothing gets lost.

Is there a way to do that?


Anna Welsh

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Welcome to the Community, Anna Welsh🙂

Currently, it works exactly as you described - a project's stream shows all activity for tasks and subtasks, and if you'd like to check the project's activity, you'll need to open that project's own stream. I can totally see how it would be helpful to have this one place for all project's activity. I can add this post to our Product Feedback forum where our Community members can upvote your suggestion. Here's a post explaining how this forum works.

Please don't hesitate to ask all the questions that you have, I'll be happy to help 👍

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