View by date in list view - sub tasks appear out of order

Hi Wrike team,

Why when viewing in List view does 'view By Date' not order correctly? See example below - the circled item shows later when the date is earlier.


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May be because the task is completed so no more action is needed. 


In my understanding, The List View shows tasks that have to be done in priority

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Aaron K.

Hello Karen Young,

Thank you for your question!

The reason you are seeing that 5 Oct task listed after the 19 Oct tasks is because the "Brief and sample content to Editorial" task is actually a subtask of the "Text Design Brief submission and preparation" parent task.

When sorting the List view by Date, tasks are grouped into seven categories based on their scheduled dates: overdue, today, tomorrow, this week, next week, month, and later. The later category displays tasks whose start date is later than this month or which are backlogged (do not have scheduled start and end dates).

The subtasks will be sorted by date under their parent tasks, and subtasks with active statuses will be at the top of that list. Your subtask "Brief and sample content to Editorial" is in Completed status, which moves it below the subtask "Editorial preparation", even though it has an earlier date.

Hi Julien Delille,

Yes, the List view can be sorted by Priority, which is the default sorting setting for tasks in the List view, but the List view can also be sorted by Date, Date modified, Date created, Status, Importance, and Title.

You can read about the sorting options and how they work in our Help Center here:

I hope this helps clear things up 😃

Please let me know if you have any questions 😄


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