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Hello team,


is there a way to sort tasks in the dashboard by due date?

it is super important for me.

Thank you,

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When adding a widget to the dashboard (or if already added, you can edit it), in the left column there is a Sort By option. One of the options is to sort by date. 

Does this work for you?


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I have the same problem. The solution above isn't helpful, because it sorts by some combination of start/due date and effort, not by due date. I want to see things in the order they are due. Any solutions? 

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Hey everyone, thank you for your input here. 

According to this thread on the Community, sorting by due date on the Dashboard is currently not planned on the Community. I've marked this thread as a duplicate so that other Community members can find the original thread.

If you have any questions be sure to let me know!

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Please head over to this thread and upvote.  We are nearly to 60, at which point they will assign a status.  

Ability to sort task list view by DUE date instead of START date. – Wrike Help Center



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