๐Ÿ’พ Releases-Sharing, Storage, and Undoing and Redoing (08/14/19)

Feature Updates

Sharing Dashboards

  • Part 1) Now you share a Dashboard by clicking the "Share" button in a Dashboard's upper right-hand corner.
  • Part 2) You have 3 access roles to choose from when you're sharing: Full, Editor, or Read Only.

Small, but important, Calendar Improvements

  • The new red vertical line on Calendars lets you know what today's date is.
  • You can choose to see duration reflected when you're looking at a calendar in a Quarter/Year view. That means an item's bar length will correspond with its duration and start/end dates.

New look: Custom Fields Pop-Up

The box you see when you create or edit a Custom Field got a spiffy new look. It's just an aesthetic change, functionality is the same.

Need more storage?

Some people needed more storage in Wrike and now you can add more if you need it. Contact your account manager if you're interested. Friendly reminder: documents stored on cloud storage (think: Dropbox) don't take up storage space in Wrike.

Undo and Redo on the Table View

Undo, or redo something, quickly using new buttons in the Table View.

Access Roles + Workload Permissions

Owners and admins on Enterprise accounts can edit and customize workload permissions for access roles.

Wrike Proof

  • Rotate images. Rotate images by 90 degrees when looking at them in proofing. It's a temporary change, the next time you look at the image it'll be back to its original orientation.
  • More file types to Proof. Use proofing with: .xlsm, .csv, .rtf, .odp, .heik, .tif, .tiff, .svg, and .psd file formats. You'll be able to preview, open, proof, and send files to review. There might be a discrepancy between the preview and original file, but you'll see a tip indicating if this is the case.
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Great new features with task descriptions.

Just one thing that bothers us - we can no longer move around in tables using "Tab". I guess this is a bug?

Please fix,


Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Love the new table, makes more sense. Love the new colors for highlighting, but especially for fonts!!ย ย 

I agree with Oskar, maybe put the Tab feature back in, otherwise we have to use our mouse or arrow keys. I'm all about fast and convenient! My fingers are on the keyboard already and hitting Tab is much better than having to move my hand to the mouse or arrow keys.

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Hey guys, thanks for your feedback ๐Ÿ˜ I passed it to our Product team. Tabs in Tables are planned, I'll let you know when I have more detailed info on this.ย 

Happy posting!ย 

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