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Import from Excel - custom fields


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    Justin Hwang

    We just did this!  Here's how we did it:


    1. Add the columns for Custom Fields at the very end of the .xls template after all obligatory columns. 
    • (new column should be named same as the custom field created in Wrike)
    2. Add the value for these columns next to Tasks, Folders, and Projects.
    3. Import the .xls file and refresh the page after the import.
    4. Open the imported Folder or Project and switch to the Table View.
    5. Click Add column and use autosuggest (start typing the title of the Custom Field and pick the one you've added in the xls file). After that, all values for the Custom Fields you've added will be visible for the tasks.
    Bonus Fact:
    When you import a brand new Custom Field (that didn't exist before you imported a file), it's created as a text type fields. However, you can manually change the type of the field.
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    Anne Huckvale

    Thanks so much for these details (also amazing bonus fact :) )

    I will give it a go!

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    Ryan Okelberry

    Does this work for updating the values of existing fields or just to create new fields that never existed?


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