Ability to Sort by Assignee

I would like to be able to sort by assignee in both List View and on Dashboards

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This would be incredibly helpful for us as well. We have templated projects with many identical tasks, and when I review a Dashboard or a List view i need to quickly sort by Assignee.

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Cool idea guys. Just in case you're unaware, this is do-able in the Table by clicking the title cell at the of the table.

If I've any update in regards to having this filter option in dashboards or List, I'll be sure to update you here 🙌

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It's very surprising that this is not available. What would make a designer decide not to include the assignee in a sort filter for dashboards or list? It would be very helpful. 

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Hi Edward Pound, thank you for posting and for your feedback.
Please allow me to share some more detail on our Product Feedback process. The Product team receives feedback through multiple channels including the Community. They look at a wide range of information including all relevant data, user feedback, as well as Community votes/suggestions. The team then decides what new or updated functionality will have the widest impact and benefit for the most users, and plans the roadmap based on that information. You can also read more about our Product Feedback process in this article.
The number of upvotes allows our team to assess the popularity of a suggestion and when ideas reach 60+ votes they are assigned a status according to our Guidelines and Statuses. The more votes a suggestion has, the more our team understands the demand for this and it helps them to prioritize what to work on next.
I'll be sure to let you know if there are any changes in relation to this suggestion, and for now please feel free to encourage other members to upvote this idea and share their thoughts under this thread. Please let me know if I can help with anything else.

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