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Is it possible to have wrike automatically take edits that are in a pdf and apply them to the comment field?

So if someone sends me a pdf, in wrike, with edits made in acrobat. Wrike should take those edits and turn them into comments. That way the editing process stays in wrike from that point on and does force someone to have to download the pdf to view the additional edits.

I hope that made sense.

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Hey Shawn,

I completely agree that this would be a valuable addition to the Wrike environment! I just submitted a ticket around this, and I think it would be excellent if it worked for both the import and the export! 

For the most part we will be collaborating in Wrike and reviewing files there, but in the odd case that we don't have someone set up as a collaborator we would want to be able to pull the document out and have it retain the comments. Our current use case for this would be passing an SOW through our legal team.

The flip side of this would be the ability to import a marked up file and have the comments retain within Wrike for review when our Legal team passes this back to us.

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I have this exact same need. Our legal team comments in a PDF and my designers then need to download the file to view them.

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Hey everyone, thanks for your feedback 🙂 Have you seen the Proofing functionality yet? With this feature, you can add comments directly to images, videos, .pdf and Microsoft Office files attached to tasks, folders, and projects. You can also export Wrike Proof comments. I'll be happy to hear what you think 👍

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Having this feature would be amazing. 

The proofing and export tools in Wrike work really well once our creative team has produced a PDF (and any further updates), but there is a gap in the workflow when it comes to our customers commenting on a PDF before they have raised a Wrike request.

The normal process would be for our customers to make comments on a PDF, and when they are ready for our creative team to work on a project, they will raise a Wrike request and upload their annotated PDF to the task. When we open that PDF in Wrike we can't see their comments. We have to download the PDF, navigate to the download folder, and then open the PDF to view the comments.

It really slows down the process of assessing a job.

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I would also find importing PDF comments into Wrike extremely useful.


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