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Hi there - 

New to Wrike here.  From what I have seen so far - Wrike does a good job at project planning from a waterfall perspective.  I am seeing most of the features we need to plan project timelines and track tasks, and there appears to be some BETA resource allocation features.  I am looking forward to seeing more improvements in the ability to report on those new features.

What I am not seeing is a solution for agile sprint planning - or the ability to estimate effort using a point system that is based on team consensus - not estimated hours.  Since there is no concept of sprint cycles or story points for the estimation of effort - there is subsequently no reporting for sprint burndown or cumulative flow.

While these features are necessary for our software development process - I also realize that these features may not be in alignment with the product vision for Wrike.  I have seen some replys to posts indicating that Wrike is thinking about these features - but no information on plans to actually implement them.  

I would like to know if there are any known workarounds to achieve this functionality in Wrike - and/or if there are actual plans to implement features like this in the future.  I would rather understand the broader future vision for Wrike so we can plan accordingly.  Right now - I suspect that it may make more sense to use Wrike for project timelines and resource allocation - and to use JIRA for ongoing development efforts as these features are at the core of their product. 

On that note - some thought about the existing JIRA integration: 

  1. Is it possible to link a single project or subfolder in wrike with a release version in JIRA using the existing JIRA integration?  
  2. Or possibly link a folder to a sprint in JIRA - so that as the sprint is completed - the tasks within it can be auto-synced to Wrike - and the agile workflow is maintained in JIRA. 
  3. If say a certain set of tasks could not be completed in the current sprint and they roll over to the next one - the JIRA sync could create/move those tasks to the next sprint folder in Wrike. 
  4. If new sprints are created in JIRA - it would create a new sprint folder in Wrike on an ongoing basis - allowing the development team to stay within JIRA and for the PMO to receive the project status in a format that they are using for other areas of the business through Wrike.

Thanks in advance for your reply.


-  Aaron

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In addition to these concerns, it'd be helpful to be able to link sprints to projects without having story related development tasks clutter up project based reporting.  Right now, without creating very high overhead tagging/folder schemes it's difficult to create a system that allows for project management at a high level and work management of that same project at an individual development task level.

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Just wanted to follow up on this post to see how you approached sprint planning in Wrike.  Also if you continued to use Jira for sprint planning.




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Hi Rachel!  

My team is now using Wrike only for request forms.  Once those requests are vetted, we're closing them in WRIKE and  using JIRA for sprint planning, dev task management, etc.  

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