weekly automated Backup

 We need the weekly automated backup of our Wrike projects and we want to get it sent.

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Hi Ganna, welcome to the Community! Can I get a little more information on what you're looking for, please?

Are you looking to get a Report or a data file with your entire account's information? 

Thanks 👍

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Hi Stephen,

we use the synchronization from Wrike to Jira and vice versa. So that the data is not lost, we want to have the weekly backup of our data.


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Hello Stephen,

I would like to know how to synchronize from Wrike to other program. my company uses Microsoft Teams as a backup data from Wrike.

but it is not automatically. it will be very helpful to use synchronize function. thanks

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Hi Ga-ye Kim, thanks for reaching out. Our native Wrike's Microsoft Teams integration helps you view and work with Wrike items directly from an MS Team channel, however, it doesn't create data backup in MS Teams.

To pull the analytical data in JSON format from Wrike, I recommend using the Backup tool. Please note that this data cannot be imported back to Wrike. For more information about Account Backup, please refer to this article.

If you want to have a copy of your data that can be imported back to Wrike you can use the Excel export feature.

Also, there is the Wrike Integrate add-on that could help you synchronize Wrike with multiple applications (such as SalesForce, Marketo, Clearbit, and many more). To review all the possible integrations, please click your profile image -> select Apps & Integrations -> App Directory. The apps available via Wrike Integrate are marked with a special symbol.

Your Account owner can start a free trial of Wrike Integrate from the Account Management section. If your team is interested in implementing Wrike Integrate, please contact your Account Manager to schedule a demo session. Should you have any troubles with contacting them, please let us know. Thank you!☺️

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