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Wrike and Microsoft Teams Integration

Table 186. Availability - Legacy plans


Wrike for Microsoft Teams is available for all Wrike accounts and for all Wrike user types (including collaborators).


To use Wrike with Microsoft Teams, you need an Office 365 account that includes Teams. You can have more than one Wrike account associated with one Office 365 directory in Microsoft Teams.

Use Wrike's Microsoft Teams integration to view and work with tasks, folders, projects, and spaces directly from an MS Team channel.

After linking a Wrike account with MS Teams, you can add individual folders/projects to channels. That folder/project is shared with anyone who is a part of your Wrike account and has access to the channel.

You can view tasks in List view and click a task to edit it. You can also view tasks in a Gantt chart.


If you create a Free Wrike account from MS Teams, you can view tasks on the Gantt chart within Teams. However, to view the Gantt chart in accounts not created via MS Teams, you need a Professional account or higher.

How Wrike works in Microsoft Teams

You can add folders, projects, and spaces as tabs to channels in Microsoft Teams. Once a folder/project/space is added, you (and anyone within one Wrike account associated with Office 365 directory and access to that channel) can:

  • View all tasks (with all statuses) from that folder, project, or space in a list or view active tasks on a Gantt chart. From the List view, click the filters icon to see only active tasks. The Gantt chart on MS Teams updates automatically but is view-only. You can’t reschedule tasks from MS Team's Gantt chart.

  • Create new tasks and subtasks.

  • Edit key task details (including information from the description field).

  • View and add comments and @mention colleagues.

  • Share a task, folder, or a project with additional users.

  • Drag and drop tasks in List view to change their priority. Task order in MS Teams is synced with the priority List view in the desktop version of Wrike.

  • Download existing attachments.

  • Delete tasks.


When you log out from Wrike, you'll be automatically logged out of Wrike for MS Teams.