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It would be very helpful if manual or automatic follow-up tasks could be created for project or other tasks. I work in sales and it would make my life a lot easier if I could create a follow-up task to check in with the customer after for example 2 weeks after completing a task to send collateral (flyers, brochures, presentations, ...) to a customer. 

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Patrick Rohlfsen

Hi Emmanuelle!

In my past, I ran some sales processes.  One of them was inside sales.  We found dependencies and custom workflows helpful.  We had a basic templated project for the sales process.  If a "hot lead" was identified we would start the request form and kick off the sales process. 

Using finish-to-start dependencies, we would be notified if a task was finished early.  

When collateral needed to be deployed, we would assign the previously unassigned "Send push Email" task to our Marcom.  We would also @message her for safe measure. 

So, in other words, follow up tasks exist.  You just need to put them into a templated process. 

Does that help?


Custom Workflows:

Templated project:

Request form:

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Hi, I'd like to see the feature that would more or less resemble Asana as a true "follow on" task.  By this I mean that you have a way to create via the right click menu a related task right out of the existing task.  Ideally this would be something Wrike would offer when closing a task, perhaps a dialog like "would you like to create a follow-on?"  This is very useful to show traceability as often tasks come up that were not thought of when closing another task.

@Patrick the solutions you propose here are complex and I don't really think get at what Emmanuelle was asking for - a simple ability to add a task as a follow on from another task.  I'm having trouble figuring out how Templates and custom workflows, it seems there is going to be a lot of set up and you are talking about follow-ons in the context of specific projects.  I would like simply to add one task to another when completing it, outside of all this other structure.

Hope you guys will give this some thought, and thanks!

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I agree with Al here... As an example, as a project manager, when I assign one of our designers to "action a design amend", as soon as they complete their task I would prefer them to be able them to set me a task back to let me know I should be doing something. Notifications are okay, but direct tasks outside of structure are sometime needed... It's a fairly common feature in many task driven systems...

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