More control over task/project/folder sharing

We are an in-house creative team for a large healthcare system and have been using Wrike for just over a year. We love it! It has definitely made our jobs much, much easier. There is one missing feature, however, that would be extremely helpful: The ability to control who can see what task REGARDLESS OF WHOM THE PARENT PROJECT/FOLDER IS SHARED WITH. Our creative team will often be working on concepts or designs, and want to share them with the creative director through Wrike prior to sharing with the greater team. But everyone who's had the parent project shared with them can see every task, which makes it impossible to selectively share things with people. While Basecamp was obviously much less robust than Wrike, that's one feature I really miss. I see it's available through Wrike Labs but only if you have an Enterprise subscription. Any chance that might be incorporated for the rest of us soon? 

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Hi Jeff, thanks for posting. I can see how the Labs feature, turning off Inherit sharing, could be useful for other account types. As it's in Labs this feedback is exactly what our Product Team want to hear! We've passed it on to the relevant team for review and if we have any updated about it, we'll be sure to post here.

For now, the best way to do this is to look at the Folder tree structure. Have you considered having a Folder, only shared with the Creative Director, where you save and discuss jobs prior to sharing with the wider team? Once it's ready for the wider team you can Duplicate the task there, or move/include it to the team Folder. This way the wider team cannot see the creative director's task during the initial discussion phase.

It involves a little more manual work but it may work for you and your team for now. Let me know what you think 👍

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