IT Teams in Wrike

IT teams do a lot of the heavy lifting to make an organization run smoothly. Use Wrike to help you be even more of a hero within your organization. The Mjolnir (hammer) to your Thor for all you Avengers fans out there.  

Here are a few key areas Wrike can help in

The Problem: A large influx of requests from different teams and a lack of clarity around how to submit requests.

The Tool: Request Forms

The Solution: Create a Request form, or several. Request forms help you standardize the intake process (great for you and the person submitting the request) and help you manage your workload. Each Request form can be routed to the appropriate Folder and assigned to the right person to get the job done.

The Problem: Keeping your work organized.

The Tool: Dashboards and Custom Workflows

The Solution: Create Dashboards with Custom Widgets to help you track tasks by their current status, whether it's New, In Progress, Stalled, Finished, or something else entirely. Use Custom Statuses to add additional customization to the workflow your team uses. Go further and create a priority matrix to manage the urgency and relevance of incoming requests.

The Problem: A lack of insight into what work was completed, who created the most requests, or what work takes the longest.

The Tool: Reports

The Solution: Create Reports which show you: which team/user requests work most often, what requests take the most time, and how many requests/tasks were completed within a set amount of time.

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