Use a Custom Dashboard as a Priority Matrix

A Priority Matrix is a great way of organizing tasks and can easily be setup in Wrike.  

By creating "priority folders" you give tasks a priority and change it by simply dragging it from one list to another.  This is especially useful when setup as a custom dashboard that sorts those priorities into four boxes setup like a square.

Here is how I setup mine, you can use whatever naming conventions you like but the basic idea it to create a box with 4 sections to group your tasks based on how important/critical, as well as how urgent/immediate they are.

I created 4 folders for the following, giving them short names and colors I could quickly recognize 

  • Critical and Immediate  |  crit-im
  • Critical but Not Immediate  |  crit-not
  • Not Critical but Immediate  |  im-not
  • Neither  |  not

I personally nest these folders under a "Priorities" Folder just to keep them separate from the rest of my folder structure.


Next I create a custom dashboard and add the priority folders to it.  I setup it like a grid and then as I add tasks to it I can drag them from one list/box to another to either raise or lower the priority of the task.

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice
Stephanie Westbrook

Hi Logan! Thanks for sharing. We just had another user ask about creating Custom Dashboards where you can drag and drop, I think this post will be perfect for them.

If anyone needs step by step instructions on building a Custom Dashboard, those are available here:

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

This is just a Rockstar idea!


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