Automation rule in a custom item type (space level or account level)

I have a custom item type and want to add an automation rule to notify who ever is assigned once the task creation is finished.  The problem is I don't know WHO will be assigned to the task until after I am finished saving the task, at which point it is too late.

The automation rules are:

  • Apply Rule to (NEW TASK NAME)
  • When New Item Created
  • @mention assignee letting them know it is there

However, when we create the task from the table, it is automatically firing off the @mention to "assignee" but there is no one assigned to the task until we go into it, fill in the information, find the appropriate assignee then close out the task. I then tried to add the "and if" condition of if any of the 5 resources are assigned as an assignee but I think the condition is looking for the task to have all of them assigned?

Am I missing something or does there need to be a new condition created of "and if the assignee is not blank" or something like that that doesn't exist?  Otherwise my condition to send the @mention is useless.

Can anyone help me?



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Danielle Wilson - If I understand correctly, you want to send out a notification whenever a new task is created. 

Fortunately, this is the default status of Wrike, so I don't think an automation is needed. See this help article about Email Notifications. (snip below)

How do email notifications work?

Immediate notifications

Wrike sends immediate email notifications to your Inbox six minutes after a change is made to a task, folder, or project. Any additional changes made to the same task, folder, or project during that time period will be included in the same email. By default, Wrike sends you only the following notification emails (but you can change your email preferences at any time):

  • Someone @mentions me: when someone @mentions you in a task/project/folder comment and a proofing comment

  • Someone assigns me a task : when you're assigned to a task or made a project owner, or when someone starts an approval with you as an approver


You are correct about the automation. The trigger of "new item created" happens immediately when the item is created. Another option, if you need the automation, would be to add a preparation step to the workflow. Then have all new tasks start in this preparation phase. Then use the trigger of "status changes to" and pick your normal "In-process" step of the workflow. That'll give you the time to get the task all ready before sending the notification. 

Here's a snip from our account for our document management area. All tasks start in the New Idea phase. So we could have a trigger of when the status changes to Drafting then notify assignees. 

I hope that's helpful. 

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Hi Mike,

Thank you for the reply.  Yes this makes sense.  In my case I just want them to know a task has been created so after being assigned if they automatically get the notification, then no automation rule is needed.  Your alternative also makes sense.



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Hi Danielle Wilson, thank you for sharing your use case with the Community. Not only email notifications can be triggered when a user is assigned to a task, but also they receive an inbox notification about the event, so I believe in this case no further steps are needed 🙂
Mike Fank, thank you very much for sharing your expertise here, I can see it's been very useful for Danielle and I'm sure many other users will find it helpful as well. Please, keep sharing your insights and advice as they are of great value to the Community!

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