Project Automation through Wrike Request forms


We are a consulting firm looking to take our proposal estimation process out of the dark ages of multiple excel sheets!

I've looked through many of the posts on Request forms and found a few great uses like:

But it seems like I may be missing something (or it can be done with our subscription to Wrike Integrate (Workato))

We have about 8-10 fairly standard 'services' that we combine in various combinations to generate a proposal to a client. We also can estimate if each of these services is a "Low, Med, High or Custom" effort (in hours). 

So the hope is to create a request form (and that uses the great Wrike Budgeting Features) to map Roles, Efforts to each service item and assemble them together so essentially the project (if accepted by the client) is pretty much ready to go.

In our data scheme, roles and efforts need to be sub tasks for time keeping and separating each role out as often team members come into a project for only one or 2 tasks. The team does not always stay the same thru the project.

The process would be -

  1. Sales uses request form to pick the first task (e.g. Task A)
  2. Then based on their knowledge of previous projects, pick 1, 2 or more resources and the effort for each (could be dropdowns or a grid etc) (e.g. pick Account Director-LOW and Senior Consultant-MED) to work on Task A
  3. Then they'd go back and add more tasks, and assign Roles/Efforts to 'build' the project
  4. We'd have an approvals process tied to the submission, but in this way all of the governance and the pricing can happen in Wrike, rather than an excel sheet that has to be re-keyed into Wrike.

Soooo- I am not making progress at the current flow, as I can't see how to have a task then the Roles/Effort as sub tasks for each. They end up all at the same level and I'd prefer not to require shuffling tasks around if we can avoid it at this stage.

And I am finding it difficult to append tasks and sub-tasks to the project without making the form unwieldy. Now it is simply a loop and when they are finished adding tasks, they can just submit the form and it gets routed through the approval.

Short of investing time in Wrike Integrate, (which I am willing to do if I exhaust the possibilities with native forms), I'd like to see if anyone has found a way to use the forms in a similar fashion?


Thanks much in advance!





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