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My team (Communications/Creative) has a number of different request forms available for the rest of our staff. Some items (print jobs) only require 2 days' notice while others (video requests, graphic design) require three weeks or longer. Currently, Wrike allows users to put in any date they want, so we run into a problem of users requesting a date way earlier than what can feasibly be done. For example, a user requesting a graphic design will say they want something a week from today's date, but that's just not possible on our end. Each request form does state that x project requires a minimum of x days/weeks, but our users ignore it. It would be great if I could format custom date fields for each request, so that a user wanting a graphic design couldn't pick a date earlier than three weeks from today's date or a video four weeks from today's date, etc.

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Hi Christina Stamm, and welcome to the Community 👋 

I was checking with the Product team to see if there's an update here. There isn't one for now, but this idea, though not planned currently, is on their radar. We'll continue to pass on the feedback from this thread to them and we'll let you know if there's news in the future.

Please let me know if I can help you with anything else. If you'd like to know what this Community has to offer, please check out our New to Community forum.

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