Release Notes-February 15

Feature Updates

  • Undo Decision on Approvals
    • For all of us who sometimes click too quickly, there's now an "Undo decision" button that appears for approvers after clicking "Approve" or "Changes required" on a file you've been assigned to review.
  • Updated Video Tutorials in Workspace.
    • We've added our new how-to videos directly into the Workspace. Click "Video Tutorials" in the left-hand corner of the Workspace footer to see the videos.
  • Labs Feature Update: Board View
    • On the Board View, you can now see tasks from descendant Folders/Subfolders (before you could only see tasks from that particular Folder/Project).
    • Now you can delete tasks on the Board View from the new context menu. To get to the context menu: hover over the task and click the three dots that appear, or right click on the task. Purge carefully. 


  • Tasks on Dashboard Widgets
    • Dashboard Widgets are created from Folders/Projects. Before: If a Dashboard was shared with you, but the Folder/Project wasn't, you would see a message that said "No tasks". Now: You'll see a message that the Folder was deleted or that you don't have access to it.
  • G Suite and Inviting New Users
    • This was a short-lived problem, but for a couple days admins on accounts integrated with G Suite saw a server-side error when they invited people from the linked G Suite domain. Fixed, admins can now invite users just fine. 
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