Release Notes-November 2

Feature Updates

  • Share Wrike Reports
    • Wrike Reports got two big updates: 1) You can now share Reports with External Users and Collaborators. 2) When you share a report, everyone who you share the report with sees the same data you see. However, even though you can see everything the Report creator sees, you can only open Tasks, Folders, and Projects which are shared with you.
  • Text Wrap Out of Labs
    • The option to wrap text is out of labs. Text Custom Fields now automatically expand when you edit the field and you can enable or disable text wrapping on Reports
  • Updated My Work (in Labs)
    • For parent tasks in the incoming section: you can expand the parent task to see its subtasks (old news) and now, from the expanded section, you can see each subtask's status and tags (new news).
  • Encrypted SAML Assertions
    • We've implemented support for encrypted SAML assertions. Reach out to our Support Team ( if you want to enable this option when configuring SAML SSO


  • Loading Attachments in the Description Field 
    • If you inserted an image into a description field (via copy/paste or drag and drop), the image wouldn't load. Now: Uploading images works properly.
  • Unaligned Stream Updates
    • Before: If multiple people made updates to a task, the Stream updates for that task were unaligned. Now: People can work together on tasks and the Stream updates stay aligned. 
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