Release Notes-September 7

Feature Updates

  • Report Layout Autosave
    • Before: If you made changes to your Report layout (ex: changed the column width, made some fields visible, etc.) then you needed to click the "Save" button. Now: Changes you make to the Report layout are autosaved.
  • Proofing Improvements
    • You can now open password-protected .pdf files in the attachment viewer (after you enter the PDF's password of course). 
    • The pointer in the Proofing view got an upgrade. Now when the comment panel is open, the pointer becomes t-shaped and has the tooltip: "Click to start commenting". 
  • Time Spent in Project Reports
    • You can now add a "Time Spent" column to Table Reports based on Projects. You'll be able to see the cumulative amount of time tracked for all tasks in a Project. 
  • Attachment List Facelift
    • Our developers did some fancy footwork and now attachment attributes are positioned differently based on the file list width. What this means for you? It's easier to see information on the file list (especially if you have files with long names). 


  • The "Welcome to Wrike" Onboarding Folder
    • Before: The "Welcome to Wrike" Folder was only shared with the account owner. Now: it's shared with all Regular Users who are part of the account. 
  • Proofing
    • Before: When you opened the Proofing comments panel, the zoom level changed. Now: Happily,the zoom level stays the same when you open and close the panel. 
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