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So I often work on numerous projects a day. 
As far as I can figure, the only way to add a task to the timer list (so i can easily start / stop between them) is to find all the tasks I might be working on, and start then pause the timer. This then adds that task to a list of paused timers. Then throughout the day I can quickly just select from the timer dropdown to switch between them.

It's just a bit long winded! Is there a way to add all tasks assigned and in progress to the paused timer list? Better yet, it would be ideal for the timer to be in the header bar at all times, and when you click it, it already has a list of tasks in progress beneath it.

Not sure if I'm missing something...


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Hi Thom, thank you for posting your question! At the moment, there's no way to add all assigned and in progress tasks to the paused timer list in the Workspace header. I really like your idea and would be happy to see this post in the Product Feedback section where other users can share their thoughts on this topic. Would you like us to move this post there?
As a workaround, to easily access the tasks that you'll need to add time to later, please consider creating a new Folder and tagging tasks to that Folder. You can use Mass Editing to tag multiple tasks at once. This way, you will have all the tasks that need your attention in one place and can create Timelog Reports based on this Folder when you need it. Please find more information about Folder tags here.
I hope this helps!

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